About Us

Entelligent is a provider of big-data tools, advanced financial analytics, and index related products, including its family of Smart Climate indices. Entelligent’s expertise and solutions, powered by artificial intelligence, are designed to assist institutional investors in assessing systemic risk from changes in global energy demand, supply and pricing - including the effects of climate change - as well as tracking or beating its performance benchmarks.

Our Smart Climate products and services incorporate a wide range of environmental, economic and financial factors to provide a comprehensive picture of risk and opportunity in public security markets across all major industry groups and subsectors, as well as to individual securities. Its competitive advantage over other providers in the market is its ability to neutralize a full spectrum of potential risk from climate change.

Passive managers use our equity model and index data to build ETFs and mutual funds.

Active managers use our Smart Climate optimizer, climate change risk data, and consultative services to enhance their portfolios and align them with shareholder investment objectives.

Asset owners use our equity model, Smart Climate optimizer, climate change risk data, and consultative services to assess their managers and asset allocation strategies.


Our Team

We’re a group of energy industry experts, climate scientists and financial professionals dedicated to bringing you the information you need to make smart investments.

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