The smart investor needs targeted information on all aspects of the global energy industry, from scientific findings that might drive programmatic outcomes all the way to details of a particular company’s operations. Our report pages combine robust environmental and financial data with analysis that delves beyond our proprietary articles and newsfeed. From industry leaders to those lagging behind, we score companies so our users can calculate portfolio risk and make informed, profitable decisions. Our scientific reports help the energy investor interpret the world.

Available to subscribers, Entelligent Reports:

  • Identify potential trading strategies and business risks based on the financial impact of environmental factors such as atmospheric CO2 levels, ocean temperatures, and rising sea level.

  • Uncover efforts by profiled companies to improve energy efficiency by reallocating high-carbon energy sources or displacing their customers’ carbon emissions.

Subscribers secure the critical information and analytics necessary to evaluate suppliers of oil, coal, and gas; manufacturers of wind, solar, energy-efficiency, and demand-side management technologies; and technology leaders in distributed energy generation and advanced electric transportation services. Entelligent Reports illuminate the mindset of management teams and provides commentary on a profiled company’s strategies and investments to reduce carbon liabilities and build carbon assets. Core analysis is based on modeling work developed by the Entelligent team in partnership with the WSP Group (www.wspgroup.com).

Entelligent Reports is the only place where subscribers can enter self-monitored forums and review third party comments. Our exclusive format avoids unwanted traffic and welcomes only the commentary and analysis of other subscribers and invited third-party contributors.

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