Smart Climate Data

Use our customized analytical services to evaluate and/or optimize your portfolios for climate change and varying patterns of energy usage and supply.


Increase Potential for Alpha-Like Returns

To fully evaluate a company’s competitiveness, underlying value, and its fitness for your portfolio, you must make use of crucial analytics on global business trends, market pricing and specific corporate data, including how companies are working to drive profitability in a changing climate.

Decrease Beta-Portfolio Risk

To manage the risk that comes from regulatory pressures, tax code changes, subsidy structures and consumer behavior, you must be up-to-date on the global competitive landscape and a company’s ability to manage its total costs, including its carbon liability and efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Managing risk is about integrating knowledge of market pricing with the knowledge of a company’s unique financial and non-financial disclosures.

Integrate our data into your investment and selection process

Use our Smart Climate Optimizer -- an authoritative global energy simulation -- to:

  • Provide a holistic view of energy prices and use this data to generate both forecasts and customized indices for optimal trading and company evaluations.
  • Evaluate how subsectors in your investible universe will be impacted by climate goals, policies and changes in energy use, fuel and technology mix
  • Integrate sensitivities or information co-efficients into your own investment tools and process.

Let us help you estimate a company’s standing against an industry benchmark composite score (our E-Score™) to:

  • Deliver concentrated insights specific to each industry sector
  • Provide proprietary analysis that evaluates and categorizes companies using both financial and environmental metrics to measure performance
  • Rate companies as innovators, leaders, followers and laggers based on their historical and projected efforts to manage risk and capitalize on new opportunities


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