This is an update to Dina Medland's Feb. 18 article, Largest US certified green bond issued – by New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) - Dina Medland


There’s nothing like calling a wave before riding it. New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) might be stunned by its leadership. Having planned an inaugural green bond for $500m, it found a whirlwind of interest from institutional as well as individual investors – you and me – taking the certified green bond to $782.52m.

This makes it the largest green bond ever certified by the Climate Bonds Initiative, with the next in-line being ABN AMRO (EUR500m ($564m)). 

A large slice - $250m in total – of MTA’s green bond was bought by retail investors, following a marketing campaign (see story below). Two high net-worth retail orders of $5 million were identified as specifically seeking a green certified bond, according to MTA communications.

MTA has joined other issuers to use the Climate Bonds Standard, including HFE, Nacional Financiera (NAFIN), ABN AmroANZ Bank, NAB and Big60million.

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