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Closing prices for crude oil, gold and other commodities

Closing prices for crude oil, gold and other commodities, and foreign exchange levels

$300M contract to get New England Energy Connect moving

Central Maine Power's New England Clean Energy Connect has awarded more than $300 million in contracts to upgrade transmission lines and clear land

Dominion: Significant new natural gas generation not viable

Dominion Energy Virginia recently told state regulators “significant build-out” of natural gas-fired power plants is no longer viable because of renewable energy legislation lawmakers passed earlier this year

Iran says US oil production must be known before OPEC+ call

Iran has demanded that U.S. oil production levels must be known before an upcoming OPEC meeting with Russia and others seeking to boost global energy prices

Wall Street jumps 3.4%, actually holds on this time

Stocks shot to a 3.4% gain on Wall Street Wednesday as investors chose to focus on the optimistic side of data about the coronavirus outbreak’s trajectory

Santee Cooper roadblock stops SC Legislature spending plan

The South Carolina Legislature’s attempt to meet as quickly as possible to assure the state can keep operating while they stay out of session and safe from the peak of the coronavirus outbreak has run into a familiar roadblock

Report: Outbreak triggers drop in climate-changing emissions

President Donald Trump will preside over one of America's sharpest drops in climate-changing emissions despite mocking the idea of climate change himself

Southwest air quality benefits from stay-at-home orders

Fewer motorists in Arizona and Nevada following the states’ stay-at-home orders appears to be improving the air quality and decreasing the effects vehicle emissions have on the environment

Asian shares mostly lower on worries about pandemic damage

Asian shares were mostly lower after gyrating in early trading amid uncertainty over the coronavirus outbreak

Market tumult threatens PG&E deal with wildfire victims

Lawyers who negotiated a crucial $13.5 billion deal for the victims of deadly wildfires caused by Pacific Gas & Electric equipment are expressing serious doubts about whether the nation’s largest utility will be able to pay the full amount as the economy sinks toward a recession

Xcel selling Mankato plant to Southwest Generation

Xcel Energy says it will sell its natural gas-fired power plant in southern Minnesota to Southwest Generation for $680 million and use the funds, in part, to support the coronavirus recovery efforts

Ukraine continues to battle forest fire near Chernobyl

Emergency teams in Ukraine are battling a forest fire in the contaminated area around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant that has raised radiation fears

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