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Oklahoma Senate approves budget bill, sends to governor

The Oklahoma Senate has approved a bill that will cut funding to most state agencies and will spend cash reserves to finish plugging a projected budget hole after lawmakers failed to pass a broad package of tax increases

US stock indexes step back after a big gain; retailers climb

US stock indexes are slightly lower as technology companies return some of the previous day's gain and banks also fall

Grid operator discusses region's constrained gas pipelines

The independent corporation overseeing the operation of New England's power system says natural gas pipelines feeding the region are so constrained, it's driving up electricity prices during cold winters

The Latest: Oil spill won't affect Nebraska pipeline ruling

Nebraska state officials say an oil spill from the Keystone pipeline in South Dakota won't affect their decision to approve or deny a route for a related project, the Keystone XL.

Swedish utility to invest in nuclear reactors

Swedish utility Vattenfall will invest 900 million kronor ($107 million) to update two reactors at Sweden's largest nuclear plant

Anti-corruption campaign in Saudi brings hope to businessmen

Lebanon-based businessmen who lost business in Saudi Arabia watching anti-corruption campaign targeting officials and princes in the oil-rich kingdom

Maine lawmakers to weigh in on reducing power outages

The Maine Legislature is expected to consider burying power lines, adopting more aggressive tree cutting and other measures in response to a wind storm that knocked out power for up to 10 days

Mattel and Qualcomm climb while GE and Baker Hughes drop

Mattel and Qualcomm advance in Wall Street trading while General Electric and Baker Hughes stumble

Oil prices are up now, but surge might be short-term

The price of oil has risen by about one-third since the summer, but many experts think the surge won't last

Consumer goods firms lead US stocks slightly higher

U.S. stock indexes are on course to close slightly higher in late-afternoon trading

New Mexico's renewable energy standard up for debate

Environmentalists and the Union of Concerned Scientists say New Mexico is at a crossroads and has an opportunity to adopt policies that will encourage the development of more renewable energy

Protesters disrupt US fossil, nuclear event at climate talks

Protesters drown out speeches by White House advisers and business representatives Monday at an U.S.-sponsored event promoting the use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy

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