CLEVELAND, Nov. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- American Plasma Energy Group (APEG) announced today that it will formally introduce the fleet vehicle world to the system that is going to help them reduce emissions and save fuel expense.

On November 15, 2017 APEG will host an invitation only Tele-Town Hall for over 12,000 fleet managers and members of the media to unveil the name and details of the game changing system.  At the conclusion of the Town Hall APEG will unveil a special website that will allow fleet owners and operators to secure their place in line to begin the process to acquire  the revolutionary system in first quarter 2018.

Leaders form APEG's American Fleet Ignition Group will join creator, system Innovator and chief visionary Dr. James Smith of West Virginia University and Plasma Igniter, LLC. Participants will learn how the "to be named system" creates historically impossible vehicle/fuel efficiencies, a more efficient combustion of fuel (allowing for leaner burn and more complete combustion), and significantly reduced carbon emissions.  As well as, the rapid path to ROI.

"Participants in the town hall will get their chance to be first," said Matt Palumbo, APEG's Director of Community Relations. "Anticipation and interest from this group is absolutely astonishing, we are engaged with some of America's finest fleets."

APEG's fleet sales program sets the stage for full consumer market release and government/military programs slated for later in 2018.  The soon to be named system provides one of the most significant tech advances of our century.  The major attribute of our system is that it requires no massive infrastructure investment and provides for non-evasive continued consumer behavior. 

"It is amazing that we are engaged with fleets of all sizes and from multiple industries," said John Ferchill, APEG's Chairman and CEO. "The Town Hall and subsequent announcements mark the beginning of a historic shift in transportation's role in energy and the environment. The simple low cost process to implement this system provides a path to nearly universal adoption."

American Plasma Energy Group, LLC is the exclusive licensee and manufacturer of the Plasma Igniter's Ignition System for the United States automobile and light-truck aftermarket, all military applications, commercial fleet, and electric power generation sectors. APEG—through its family of products—is committed to reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions beyond "any" current technology. Its free-market solution and technology is positioned to make the greatest difference today, and for the foreseeable future. Its motto—"The Secret is Revealed"—identifies that fossil fuels are not the problem, but outdated use of fossil fuels is the problem; and that by applying new technology fossil fuels are actually the "real" solution for energy independence, job creation and a clean, healthy, sustainable environment.

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