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NUTRISHOP®, a leading retail nutrition franchise, has leveraged Newswire's Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour to put an integrated media and marketing communications plan into production resulting in the company becoming a thought leader in the health and fitness industry. NUTRISHOP®†‹ receives guidance from their dedicated Earned Media Strategist (EMAS) to connect them with the right audience (media) at the right time through the right mediums.

NUTRISHOP®†‹ is already achieving the Earned Media Advantage in a short period of time as a by-product of the media capturing their difference with a recent high impact article about the company.  Earned media is costly and difficult to achieve without the connectivity that Newswire provides to its customers.

For the past 16 years, NUTRISHOP®†‹ owner Bryon McLendon has worked tirelessly to build the company to become one of the leading retail nutrition franchises in the country. The company's one-to-one, hands-on approach when helping customers is an important aspect of their business. Working with a like-minded company, Newswire's high-tech, high-touch solution has helped NUTRISHOP®†‹ capture the media’s attention, as they were recently featured on Business2Community as a thought leader in the space.

"†‹When researching PR options for NUTRISHOP®, I came across the Guided Tour program offered by Newswire and felt that it would be an incredible fit for us," says LaRue Gillespie, Senior Content Manager at "The team has been so helpful in guiding our efforts to get our brand and our stores more exposure in the media. Their experience, expertise, and constructive advice are very much appreciated by myself and my team at NUTRISHOP®. Looking forward to what all we can accomplish together!"

Before joining the Guided Tour, NUTRISHOP®†‹ had previous media exposure to help drive customers to their stores. Through Newswire's guidance, a "customerized" media and marketing communications plan was placed into production within a month of signing.  Production of media and marketing campaigns/programs simultaneously has contributed significantly to their thought leadership position in the markets they serve. McLendon's thought leadership piece helps health and fitness enthusiasts gain a better understanding of the work it takes to run a successful nutrition retail company and what's to come in the future.

"We are thrilled to see NUTRISHOP®†‹ increase their brand awareness and gain recognition as being one of the leading retailers in their industry," says Charlie Terenzio, Director of Earned Media Strategy at Newswire. "Seeing their customerized plan being put into production to accelerate their time in gaining the Earned Media Advantage has been impactful to their business. Working with them through the Guided Tour to create a winning media and marketing objective has proven to be productive and rewarding."

The Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour has helped other retail companies like NUTRISHOP®†‹ to penetrate new markets while lowering new customer acquisition costs by complementing their going to market strategies across the globe by Newswire's people, plan, platform, production, and performance to produce targeted campaigns that are concurrently running at all times. For the fraction of the cost, retail companies have access to an integrated media and marketing communications utility on-demand that includes an assessment, plan, and production provided by Newswire. An EMAS works closely with the company's existing staff to ensure rapid deployment of media campaigns that generate results and reduce their time to market strategies.

The Guided Tour eliminates the need for additional time, resources and staff to implement, operate and manage software solutions across different vendors. As a result, Newswire customers are able to increase efficiency with one platform and simplify their go to market success using an effective Media Strategy delivered by experts.

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