Entelligent's Smart Climate™ Portfolio Optimizer

March 24, 2017

The Smart Climate™ Portfolio Optimizer Created by Entelligent

The Smart ClimateTM Portfolio Optimizer (the “Optimizer”) is a new and exciting tool for investors and portfolio managers (users). This big data solution provides information and actionable knowledge using our proprietary value driven analytics, which are designed to help users hedge risks due to socio-economic and policy shocks, customize client-based ESG strategies, and provide financial forecasts in one package.

The Optimizer provides data and analytics that can help users to identify both opportunities and risks associated with the efforts of companies and investors to address the threats from climate change. The Optimizer can also help users capture the impact of socio-economic and energy supply trends related to climate change. By calculating potential profitability of key energy sources within our global economy, this tool can forecast market performance of the key subsectors and individual companies in the investible universe.

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