Smart Climate® Solutions

Entelligent specializes in providing investment decision support tools that are derived from Smart Climate® data and analytics and designed for both predictive and explanatory power.

Smart Climate Solutions are a suite of decision tools and unique data sets focused on “transition risk,” that can be combined with other factors such as physical or liability risk based on a customer’s existing approaches and practices.

Smart Climate Data Solutions can help investors with stock screening and portfolio construction, rebalancing and weighting adjustments to hedge the risks associated with rising variable energy costs, increased regulation and changing patterns of energy use impacting the total global energy mix and in turn the pricing and supply of different energy sources down to the sector and individual security level.

Smart Climate Analytics provide a thorough analysis of climate transition risk on an existing portfolio or supply chain and its constituents.

Smart Climate Advisory Services provide rule based screening and weighting processes or optimization strategies to construct portfolios or indexes that maximize returns as well as climate change fitness.