The Smart Climate® Technology

Entelligent® has built a forward-looking big-data technology to analyze how changes in cost, demand and supply of energy under different climate scenarios will impact security level profitability.

Our data platform examines the impact of new laws and regulations, new technology and energy transitions, and physical risk  factors such as sea level rise and temperature changes, to calculate energy costs and profitability and their granular impact on each company. Companies that are likely to maintain their return forecasts in most scenarios are given superior scores.


Why It’s Different

This unique technology is characterized by:

  • Identifying firms in every sector with the greatest potential for environmental and valuation impact in the transition to a low carbon economy.
  • A proprietary algorithm of over 140,000 differential equations and various data metrics.
  • A top-down approach using a global climate model to assess security level climate risk exposures.
  • Forward-looking scenarios for climate risk assessment as recommended by the TCFD and highlighted on the Bank of England’s most recent report on addressing climate change.
  • Science-based methodology that allows for both passive and active portfolio management strategies.
  • 15+ years of history for extensive backtesting capacity.
  • Scores that are additive and can be easily integrated with most global ESG and financial selection metrices.
  • A solution for Total Impact. E-Score® integration is designed to improve both the financial and environmental impact performance of a portfolio.