We Measure & Manage Investment Exposure to
Climate Risk

Translating Climate Science & Machine Learning into
ESG Investment Solutions

In a marketplace awash with data, how do you invest for total impact?

In a rapidly changing world filled with risks and volatility, investors are actively seeking actionable information to make sound investment strategies. Smart Climate by Entelligent® helps you align your ESG portfolios to the latest climate change forecasts for smarter sustainable investing.


A Data Platform that
Stands the Test of Time

E-Score® Data Suite

Use E-score to measure your holdings’ exposure to climate risk and rank them from better to worse. Smart Climate scoring metrics compute variance between climate scenarios to calculate risk over an investor’s
time horizon.

Climate Risk Portfolio Evaluations
Align your portfolio with recommendations made by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and NetZero goals.

Indexing Solutions
Create a customized suite of indexes or strategies based upon climate change forecasts and varying patterns of energy usage and their effect on public securities.

Climate Risk Advisory Services
Work with Entelligent to stress test portfolios and determine your exposure to climate change and transition risk and develop strategies to achieve your goals.

Let Us Demonstrate Entelligent Solutions

Find out how Entelligent can work with you to align your immediate fiduciary duties with long-term climate risk and asset values and help mobilize your ESG investment capital to address future climate risk.

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All Entelligent data is based on real-world scenarios
(Earth Aerosol NASA Images).