Climate Risk Management and Opportunity Identification for a Market in Transition

Entelligent’s patented data model begins with top-down, forward-looking climate and energy scenarios, deriving quantitative and objective metrics that weigh the future impact of climate change on investment performance.

Optimized for risk management and alpha generation, financial product development and regulatory compliance. Available on the FactSet Workstation (Portfolio Analysis, QRE, API ) and via the Cloud and SFTP.

Smart Climate® is a Data and Analytics Suite for Financial Institutions and Investors

E-Score.​ Measures resilience across Max and Min climate scenarios. Well-suited to build portfolios that minimize composite transition risk.

T-Risk.​ Measures return spread and energy-price sensitivities across scenarios. Ideal for opportunity identification and portfolio construction.

Smart Climate CS.  Carbon sensitivity score to measure carbon-pricing risk, and understand environmental impact of investments.

Smart Climate Compliance.  Addresses new and upcoming regulations, including E.U. SFDR Article 8, TCFD and U.S. Fed Climate Scenario Analysis.

The Entelligent Difference. Standardized, Comparable Data, Powered by Climate Science

High interpretability. Free of bias. Our top-down data is back- and forward-tested, enabling level-field comparisonRead our case study.

Scenario-driven.​ Entelligent begins with Integrated Assessment Models to account for diverse influences underlying the climate transition.

Relevant and useful.Focused specifically on financial materiality, including future performance and investor returns.

Transparent. Customizable. Our patent supports the show-your-work disclosure regulators require and protects bespoke products we build for our clients.

Market-Tested with Global Institutions and Innovators

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