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Demand for incorporation of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors into the investment process is spreading worldwide. Many issues are contained within ESG investing, the most significant being climate change, resource dependency, and the systemic risk posed to portfolios of equity securities.

Most current ESG portfolio investment techniques address climate change by employing a static, exclusionary approach which divests from companies with a high carbon footprint. This can decrease a portfolio’s diversification and increase its risk. This also has limited impact towards encouraging any further reductions in global carbon emissions.  

Entelligent is a leading provider of predictive analytics and Smart Climate investing and does not follow a simple exclusionary approach to impact investing. As a technology provider, we use a highly sophisticated climate and energy simulation model to predict companies’ ability to adapt to various carbon emissions scenarios, and then optimize equity portfolios for superior investment performance.

Our approach is to help investors

  •  increase investment returns while significantly decreasing risk and volatility compared to the relevant benchmark, and
  •  encourage meaningful change in corporate carbon emissions behavior.

By overweighting those companies that are the most progressive in their adaptation to climate change, while underweighting laggards, we use pressure from the capital markets to produce positive changes in corporate behavior. Our optimization process produces superior investment performance with a greater reduction in carbon emissions when compared to the relevant benchmark.

Entelligent’s Smart Climate products and services provide investors with tools for the next generation of climate change impact investing.

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We’re a group of energy industry experts, climate scientists and financial professionals dedicated to bringing you the information you need to make smart investments.

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