Empower Your Sales Team
with a Sales Enablement App

You’ve built a brilliant product. But it won’t sell itself. That’s why you have your team of savvy, seasoned marketing and sales folk. But how do you make sure they have the resources and tools they need to differentiate your product and company from the competition? How do you help them close the sale? By empowering them with a sales enablement app. A sales enablement app brings content to life through an interactive, digital experience. They can create a “wow” factor for your product, illustrate complex concepts clearly, modernize and elevate your brand’s perception, and capture data on the spot. Let’s talk about three useful types of sales enablement apps: Product, Playbook, and Data Collection.

Product App

Awareness is the first step of any sales cycle. But engaging with potential clients means making a connection. A product sales enablement app allows for your sales team to create more than just a show and tell exercise. They create a unique interactive, immersive experience—one that is memorable and more likely to convert leads into clients. A product sales enablement app could allow you to:

  • Communicate complex concepts through imagery, including 3D product renderings that spin 360 degrees or show its inner workings
  • Clearly demonstrate features and benefits
  • Embed video testimonials or demo videos

Playbook App

You want your sales team presenting a united front, working from the same materials and talk tracks. But you also want to engage potential clients with product information that addresses their specific needs, skipping past what isn’t relevant. With a playbook sales enablement app, you can bring your presentation to life by customizing the experience—all while keeping brand consistency. You tell the story most relevant to your client through a “choose your own adventure” style interaction. With a Playbook sales enablement app, you can:

  • Craft distinct, nonlinear client presentations that address unique needs
  • Select the specific facts, details, and insights that matter to a client
  • Email documents directly and easily from the presentation

Data Collection App

With a data collection app, you can prove your product’s value. Your reps can ask questions and collect data on the spot. They can instantly produce customized charts, graphs and PDFs from the information a potential client provides show your product’s ROI. Data collection apps are also a great way to capture useful analytics on your customer base. With a Data Collection sales enablement app, you can:

  • Collect valuable survey information in the field and push to your CRM
  • Capture your customer’s signature for the sale and push it to your ordering system through an API
  • Increase efficiency in the sales process
  • Prove ROI

With a sales enablement app, you can clearly communicate your product’s story, its features and benefits, how it can specifically help a client, and ultimately inspire action. You can collect and track data, and once the sale is closed, you can process the order on the spot. Empower your sales to amplify their productivity—from anywhere, on any device, and even offline.

We can create your app.

People Productions develops sales enablement apps using HTML5. Our HTML5 apps can run with or without an internet connection, on Macs or PCs, Apple or Android devices, tablets and even on your website. And HTML5 apps can easily work with most sales enablement platforms, such as Showpad or iPresent.

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