Direct Data Sales

Indirect Data Sales

Portf0lio Climate Risk Evaluations

Entelligent has classified our products and services into three categories:

  • Direct Data Sales
  • Indirect Data Sales
  • Portfolio Climate Risk Evaluations


Entelligent has direct sales agreements with asset owners like SocGen and the UN. They are integrating our Smart Climate data for soft divestment strategies and for the generation of new investible products like a Fixed Index Annuity platform for swaps and hedges. We have also launched onto SmartX, a tradable platform for the retail market. These SmartX products are being designed so that retail investors can have access to our information.


With data providers like FactSet, whose platform has more than 100,000 terminal users worldwide, Entelligent has partnered to distribute his smart climate E-Score® for indirect data sales. We are working with other platforms to further scale the distribution channels and expand the utilization of the product for asset managers, retail investors, and index licensors.

COVERAGE – Entelligent utilizes a robust worldwide climate risk database to measure and score publicly listed company’s exposure to changes in policy, technology, economy, and energy use patterns. Entelligent’s Smart Climate® database covers above 3500 securities including all constituents of S&P 500, Russel 1000 and MSCI ACWI.


Last is Entelligent Portfolio Climate Risk Evaluation which is his newest service that we are commercializing this year. Entelligent can evaluate and score investment strategies and carbon reduction targets for alignment with TCFD guidelines and general financial stability and sustainability.