Entelligent is proud to announce the launch with Principal Life of its latest annuity product, a further milestone in the growth of Entelligent’s data suite and the continuing adoption of its vision for climate-sensitive investing and risk mitigation.

Effective May 1, Principal Life will launch Principal® Strategic Outcomes, a registered index-linked annuity (RILA). Principal said the product was developed in response to a “growing call from consumers to provide them with a level of protection from market investment losses.”

According to the firm, a unit of Principal Financial Group, the new annuity offers clients the flexibility to create a personalized investment strategy designed to help them meet their financial goals. The Entelligent-powered SG Smart Climate index (developed with Société Générale; ticker: SGIXSMAC) is one of four different index options investors can select within Principal® Strategic Outcomes. A single premium, no fee contract, the product aims to be simple for the client to understand, while also providing the tools and resources they need to help meet their long-term investment objectives.

Principal is Entelligent’s newest annuity partner, joining Minnesota Life and Investors Heritage, whose products have been extending their reach to thousands of individual investors since 2021. Citing a 2022 research report by LIMRA , Principal said in its release that RILAs have grown 62 percent since 2021, a trend predicted to continue over the next five years.

For more information more about Principal® Strategic Outcomes, please refer to the complete product announcement and prospectus. To find out more about Entelligent-powered financial products, contact us here.

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